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Sartorial Era

Before we begin, I want to declare a few things… These photographs are not edited. The ‘After’ pictures were taken while my brow tattoo top up is still healing hence the drying and break in shade. Secondly and most importantly, if you think you are experiencing cystic or adult acne, do consult your GP. Whilst products can play a part in healing, it’s important to identify diet associated flare ups, hormone imbalances and sometimes topical creams can help. Finally, this post is not sponsored but the products were kindly gifted to me after I requested a few samples to review. All of these opinions are my honest truth and in no way influenced by anything other than my personal story.


My History With Crystal Clear

I’ve suffered hormonal breakouts my entire life. In my late teens my skin was oily and prone to areas of slight acne. Not knowing what to do, I’d attack them which left scars. A year or so later I discovered Crystal Clear from signs in my local salon and my mum was an avid fan. So in my early twenties, rather than trying any products (except what I’d tried from my mum) I dived in and booked myself a course of 7 sessions of Crystal Clear Microdermabrasions at my local salon, already clued up on their potential to clear scarring and leave skin looking clean, glowing and clear. Back then, that course worked like magic. After 6 sessions my scarring was virtually non existent and my skin had never looked so hydrated and clear.

Flash forward to now and I sometimes get flare ups of ‘problem skin’ along my jaw line and neck. It’s exacerbated by stress and trauma and often linked to my poor diet choices (sugar and dairy). So, feeling tired with my dull, lacklustre and scarred skin, ten years on right before lockdown I decided to treat myself and booked another course of Crystal Clear Microdermabrasions. It costs around £260-£320 a course depending on duration (60mins usually cost more) and location. If you’re interested in the course and want to know where your local salon is, search via postcode here.

However, after only two sessions lockdown came in to play so I’ve had to pause treatments. Keen to find something in between my sessions to keep my skin going, I turned to their at-home products.


In My Skincare Kit

Having been using these products for over a month now, I’ve noticed a huge difference. Just take a look at the before and after pictures! I’ve tried a few different products from the brand but the ones I rate the highest (and that work extremely well on my skin) are:

Soothing Cleansing Gel:

A great daily cleanser that’s delicate on skin that is between salon treatments. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals and uses active ingredients to purify the skin without causing irritation. It’s soap free and recommended for problematic skin. Absolutely one of my favourites and available in three sizes starting at £7.99 (the one pictured).

Deep Gel Cleanser:

Considered one of their ‘Super Cleansers’, the Deep Gel Cleanser is a really great soap-free product that targets sebum and problematic/sensitive skin. It uses a mix of salicylic acid and oxygen to maintain its anti-bacterial properties and to lock in moisture. I use this once or twice a week to give my skin a deep clean if I’m not using the exfoliator (below). Available in two sizes starting at £7.99 (the one pictured).

Crystal Face & Body Polish:

This is a wonder product that I don’t want to ‘waste’ so I’ve reserved it solely for my face, however you can also use it on your body. When I use this my skin is noticeably brighter, clearer and completely rebalanced. My husband comments that my skin is looking better whenever I use this in a Sunday evening facial. I think the price is really good for what you get (starts at £11.99) and I’ve already recommended it to most of my friends and family. It contains a unique combination of super exfoliating actives (Precious Ruby, Natural Sea Salt and Acacia Honey) that removes dead skin cells and decongest blocked pores. It’s also packed with goodies such as Matrixyl, Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Copper & Vitamin’s C and E that helps brighten your complexion.

Super Repair Mask: 

I feel on a par with this as I do the face and body polish mentioned above. It is simply amazing. I use mine twice a week after a polish to help really hydrate and nourish my skin. I leave it on for 20 minutes but you can also sleep in a very thin layer (although I’m yet to try that). It contains lavender that helps to soothe skin (especially problematic skin) and Omega 3 to help soften skin. It’s a beautiful product that sometimes I even use just for the amazing smell. Prices from £11.99, £43.99 for the one pictured).

Skin Repair Moisturiser:

This is a great, all round, non-greasy formula that I use everyday twice a day. This was not only was the Skin Repair Moisturiser recommended to me in the salon but a product that I’ve used before and then somehow, forgot how good it was. It’s no surprise that it’s one of their best sellers as it helps to rebalance the skin. Unlike most moisturisers, it’s also fantastic to use under foundation if you’re heading out in makeup for the day. Available in three sizes starting at £11.99 (for the size pictured).




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