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Sartorial Era

Us women have different needs to one another. We choose different men, different hobbies and have different body types. Then there’s our skin. Even when we wake up sometimes, no two days are the same. Sometimes I have tired skin, sometimes I have dry skin. It’s why we create choices for ourselves.

Darphin understand this and it’s why they’ve created a range of Essential Oil Care for different skin concerns. Each morning I wake up and check my skin. Whatever it’s condition I know there’s an oil to suit it.



Essential Oils

I like to use them after cleansing or use them in my foundation whenever I want a really dewy look to my makeup. Use them before bed or use them midday for a lipstick turned gloss too – it really works!

Rose Aromatic Care – to hydrate the skin.

Jasmine Aromatic Care – to rejuvenate and restore radiance.
Tangerine Aromatic Care – to energise fatigued skin!
Niaouli Aromatic Care – helps with shine and purifies oily skin.
Chamomile Aromatic Care – helps to calm and soothe skin, visibly reducing redness.

As you can see, the Chamomile is my favourite! Have you tried any of the Darphin Aromatic Care oils? xx


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