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Sartorial Era

I’ve enjoyed playing with makeup since I was about 18 years old. As a young teen I was banned from wearing any makeup to school whatsoever so low and behold, I ended up obsessed with severe blacker-than-black eyeliners, deep red lipsticks, huge fake lashes and a variety of different shaped eyebrows by the time I went to Uni. I could tell you the numbers and names of each of the L’Oréal Infallible lipsticks and could talk you through a Dior makeup counter quicker than you can say ‘hello, I’m looking for…’.
Ten years on I’m still as obsessed as ever but taking work seriously means I’d personally find it difficult heading in with black lipstick and purple eyebrows. I save the fun stuff for nights outs or weekends when my boyfriend isn’t around to tell me to blend my contouring more because I look like a bloody tiger.

I’m a huge fan of Glo & Ray (see more posts here) and my new obsession is this amazing blue eyeliner (price £5.50, click here to buy). You can work it under eyes, over eyebrows, use as a pencil so add a little doodle to your cheeks for festivals or do as I did and fill the entire eye lid with it! For a heavier glossier look for those late nights in Dalston or FROW and Fashion Week, add a little vaseline to the top. Personally I prefer the matte look.
_1411131270_b7unvoMy next favourite new Glo & Ray product is the amazing Nebulae Fluid Foundation. Since I’ve starting using powders and highlighters on top of my base I’ve found a need for a much more moisturising, dewy foundation (much like the Chanel’s Vitalumiere) for my products to sit on. This foundation uses blue crystal technology to even skin tone and reveal luminosity. It’s priced £23 and comes is loads of different colours (click here to buy). To use, I simply add two tiny pumps to a stippling brush (Real Techniques do some great ones) and apply. I don’t need concealer when I’m using this and if the shade isn’t right (for instance having spent a weekend outside), I just add another little dot of something darker.
I recently had a meeting with the queen of Belgravia’s hair and beauty scene and even she commented on how different my skin looked. I quite like this non-caked on look for a natural skin and stained lip for my wedding.

What are your favourite products this season? Have you tried Glo & Ray? Comment below.

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