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With all that lockdown brings, it’s sometimes important to looking for the positives. Whilst it may not sound like much, there are three great things that have happened during quarantine concerning my hair, skin and style that make me feel better. Right now, I can wear my favourite outfit more than two days in a row and secondly I can go makeup free everyday (woohoo). It’s my hair that’s benefited the most though. These days I’m not reaching for the hot styling irons and abundance of products but instead I’m wearing my hair natural everyday. My natural hair is wild and can get quite frizzy but the more I’ve relaxed the styling, the better condition it’s become.
Whenever I have a Zoom meeting or want my hair to look semi tame, I’ve an arsenal of hair accessories that work for me. Like this gorgeous big blue hair bow that I also have in black. It’s so easy to just throw something on and look like you’ve made a bit of an effort. So here’s my edit of the best hair accessories to use for when you don’t want to style your hair.





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