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Sartorial Era

Eight years ago I would have never dreamed of leaving the house without makeup – let alone being here today posting a no-makeup selfie. Why? Not necessarily because of vanity, but because I had no confidence in the way I looked without makeup.

Like millions of others, I haven’t always had the best relationship with my skin. I had oily, congested skin in my late teens which left me with scarring. This healed nicely thanks to a course of Crystal Clear Microdermabrasions. I then suffered adult acne in my mid-twenties and then during my pregnancy with my first child, I had a flare-up again. Good old Crystal Clear Microdermabrasions came to the rescue again.

My Skin

For the last four or five years though, my skin has sort of… neutralised. I’ve started taking good, (almost obsessive), care of my skin. My regime includes acids, pro-collagen formulas and lots of double cleansing. I love a regular mask and I treat myself to a facial about once a month or every 6 weeks. The other week, I went for a Hydro Facial, (not the branded HydraFacial but similar).

3 Treatments in One – Hydro Facial 

What makes it different to a normal facial?

A lack of manual extraction makes this process gentler on the skin than most regular facials. Results are instant and they last around a week.

As your skin gets older, the barriers get thicker and become harder to penetrate using fingers and active ingredients (creams). The softness and smoothness of the skin vanishes quickly and the glow diminshes. The 3 in 1 Hydro Facial (Hydra Facial) resolves this issues by breaking down those ageing barriers and penetrating deep into your skin to leave it smooth and glowing.

What happens?

  1. Cleanse and Peel, where a new layer of skin is uncovered through exfoliation and a relaxing resurfacing technique.
  2. Extract and Hydrate. “Gunk” and impurities removal from the pores with a painless suction. The skin is then nourished with quality grade hydrating moisturisers.
  3. Fuse and protect. T skin is saturated with antioxidants, growth factors and peptides to fully maximize the natural glow.


The Aqua 3 technology cleans the skin, reduces pore size and extracts the bacteria that lead to blackheads and acne blemishes.

The diamond-tipped Microdermabrasion exfoliates to clear away the months of dead skin cells to promote collagen growth and new skin.

Moisturisers are then sent deep into the skin to immediately leave the skin soft, smooth and glowing.

LED Light Therapy Add-On

To go one step further, I chose to have an LED Light Therapy session as an add-on to my facial. Once again there’s no downtime so you can walk out of the door with no inflammation or side effects. 

So what is it?

As I lay on the bed, a big machine was wheeled to my side and over me swung a giant lamp with hundreds of tiny little lights. If you suffer from claustrophobia this may not be for you, but I loved the sensation of light sprinkles.

New LED light therapy by Dermalux™ helps produce significant results in skincare facial rejuvenation ensuring ‘optimised’ penetration of light into the skin.

The specific, un-harmful, relaxing and soothing lights help energise your cellular functions and is great for improving skin issues such as acne, spots, pigmentation, acne scars, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

LED Light Therapy is designed to penetrate deep into the dermis layers of your skin, stimulating cells that produce collagen. This collagen rises to the surface of the skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and smoothing the skin.


My Opinion: Cleaner, better skin?

This was the perfect facial for relaxing and feeling a deep sense of skin clarification.  I felt that my skin was intensely cleansed and that my skin’s impurities were gone.

Over time pores can become blocked with oil, dirt, pollution and dead skin cells and this can lead to the appearance of duller skin, which I was definitely experiencing. I left with brighter, more radiant, more hydrated and better-looking skin. 

I definitely experienced improved hydration, minimised dark spots, and a decrease in fine lines especially around my eyes and on my forehead.

The Hydro Facial is designed to do more than solely hydrate the skin. The treatment is a non-invasive facial that gives the exfoliation benefits of a Chemical peel, without the normal lengthy downtime associated with one – so I was able to leave and go about my day as normal.

One week later I can see the effects have reduced and it is definitely a treatment I would visit the salon for again.

5 stars.

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