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Sartorial Era

You’ll have seen on my Instagram that in the last few months my style has become a lot more playful and experimental. Style evolves over time and as we grow and our mood changes so does our sense of style.

I felt like I was in such a rut after having my baby that for almost a year I lived on sartorial basics. A good stripe tee, a reliable pair of jeans and of course those Gucci mules that I never took off. But I’m tired of camel, grey and black. Today my closet is seeing colour again! As if by magic this kimono-inspired cover has ended up in my wardrobe and I’m enjoying it very much.


The easy ‘slip-on-over-anything‘ cover up is perfect for Spring when you want something that’s gorgeous to look at and gives you a nice windbreak. So here’s my edit of the best kimono’s…

luxury kimono’s


kimono tops


high street kimono’s


kimono dresses


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Kimono – Liquorish

Glasses – Saint Laurent

Skirt – ASOS Design

Vest – Pretty Little Thing

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