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Sartorial Era

It’s true what they say; well-behaved girls rarely make history. Some of the best times of my life have happened when my friends and I are being, well, a little bit naughty! Daring, cheeky, sexy… When a fragrance evokes those kinds of memories you know it’s going to quickly become one of your favourites!
Good Girl, the new fragrance from Carolina Herrera, comes in a luxurious black velvet textured box with a gold trim. It’s a powerful scent that’s been designed with the good girls who love to celebrate their bad side in mind. Perfect then for a night out at a club, bar or for date night with a LBD.


Bold and sexy with an audacious blend of dark and light elements, Good Girl is one of those perfumes that not only smells expensive but makes women feel confident, well dressed and liberated. It’s one of those fragrances where you don’t need to wear a lot too so go easy! It’s ladylike but with an edge. As it’s almost Valentine’s Day it’s the perfect scent to wear with a gorgeous new set of underwear like this beautiful, feminine Estelle set from Fantasie Lingerie.

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