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Sartorial Era

A short beauty post today because I really wanted to share this quick tip! Last year a makeup artist told me to mix my foundations. At first I thought it wasn’t great advice I mean after all, companies invest so much money and time perfecting the right consistency and flawless finish on their products.

L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover

I stopped using BB creams etc and gave her advice a go. I tried and tested a few different brands (some didn’t sit right with the other foundations) and the stand out winner was the L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover in 12 Natural Rose. It’s a heavy coverage with a beautiful pinky nude colour. Some yellowy tones don’t suit my complexion. It’s mixed pretty well with lots of different foundations too without a cakey look.



Tips & Tricks

I use a pea size amount on the corner of my hand and add whatever foundation I’m using at the time – right now it’s Estée Lauder’s watery Double Wear. I use my forefinger to rub together and apply to my face, over any concealer I’ve used by Bobbi Brown. The results are really fantastic giving a lovely dewy finish. I just use a little bronzer on top.

The benefit is that it makes your foundations last longer. You can also change the temperature of the colour depending on your (natural or fake) tan meaning there’s less need for three or four bottles in your makeup bag. You can also thicken the coverage as needed in specific areas or on certain days.


Have you tried mixing your foundations?



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