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Sartorial Era


In the UK, Winter means one thing. Battling chilly temperatures and (*fingers crossed*) random snow days.  So with forecasts totally unreliable (didn’t we only see the first cold spell in November?) it’s important that our wardrobe is fully prepared. Putting the office party and Christmas day aside, our outfits could be prepared in advance simply by just mixing a few items, a few wardrobe essentials. They’re what I like to call, ‘an outfit of the day arsenal’. The upside is that they also make for some pretty decent #ootd Instagram posts too!



For me, a decent OOTD post includes a checklist of considerations. Sure, a great top and a pair of jeans are nice but to polish off a look I prefer to style it up a little. Never underestimate a good bag, pair of shoes, a belt and sunglasses. I love a bold statement coat like this (now reduced) one from ASOS too! Paired with a stand out bag like the pink PVC Shirley bag from Staud, you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind outfit. My top tip when styling is to not be like the rest of them but to add your own unique personal touch. Also, invest in classics that will last like my RayBan (mens) glasses. I often prefer to tone my jewellery down a little too and let the bag, shoes and sunnies do the talking. Here’s what I’m loving right now:



Statement Coats






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