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Sartorial Era

WeAreParadoxx: Good Hair With Good Conscience

Despite the fact that we’ve never lived such a cushty life in the West, our addiction and influence of the mainstream big name brands has meant that there are no longer 4 seasons in a year. There are 52. Shops are desperate for your money and are…

How To Quickly Energise Tired Hair On A Busy Day

Starting With The Wash There’s one particular day of the week where my alarm bellows early in the morning. I’ll get ready, grab my bag and head for a workout. After a shower I’ll head to the tube. An hour later, I’m be at my desk for 8.45am. Lunch time will be consumed with admin or some kind of reading (loving ‘Girl On A Train’ right now) and […]

How To Get Mirror Shiny Hair

For people with insanely thick, frizzy, uncontrollable and wholly unruly hair like mine, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s now a way of getting a glistening, diamond shine with enriched and tamed locks all at the same time. The week following Christmas, I ventured to the deepest, windiest part of Cornwall for a little […]