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Sartorial Era

4 outfits for strolling, lunching and dinner dating

At the weekend, I love wearing a decent pair of jeans with some comfy trainers and a cross body. Come evening, I don’t mind sticking on some heels and getting a bit more glam. Now that I freelance and work from home, my weekday wardrobe almost became my weekend wardrobe. But like most ladies,  I’m never sure what to wear. It’s also annoying when your partner is ready to leave and hurrying you up.
That’s why I designed a separate ‘weekend’ wardrobe. It’s a curation of pieces to just throw on without thinking, ultimately avoiding that “I’ll be 5 more minutes…” situation. Obviously right now it’s mostly maternity wear but if baby belly could squeeze, here’s what I’d be wearing. Click the black square with white cross to shop.





What will you be buying? Xx


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