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Sartorial Era

Dressing for a bigger bust has never been easier with these modern tops...

If you’re heavy in the boob, it’s easy to look frumpy and bigger than you really are. Sometimes I find what looks great on others looks terrible on me, which is why I stick to what I know. A long sleeved button down top, deep v-neck or plunge front usually serves me well.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links throughout.

Right now on the high street, these styles are everywhere, making it easy to dress everyday, with a basic top as your starting point. I’d like to give a special shout out to the M&S Cotton Rich button down, and the H&M ribbed tops – all of which I have in nearly every colour!


Flattering Tops For A Bigger Bust – The Edit 

Here are 19 styles that I’m absolutely loving on the High Street right now…



(Left to Right)

First row:

Grey Square Neck Top – Mango | Light Grey Plunge Top – Mango | Cropped Wool Black Cardigan – Arket

Second row:

Red Fitted Jersey Top – H&M | Dark Ribbed Stripe Button Top – Mango | Khaki Button Down – M&S | Greige Rhinestone Cardi – H&M

Middle 5:

Black Button Down – M&S | Black Fitted Jersey Top – H&M |  | Knitted Wrap Over Cardi – Cream and Black (both H&M) | Cream Ribbed Jumper – H&M

Bottom 7:

Cream Bodysuit V Neck – H&M |  Black Gathered Plunge Bodysuit – H&M | Cream Jersey Top & Black Jersey Top – (both H&M) | Grey Knitted Wrap Over Cardigan – H&M |  Black Bodysuit V Neck – H&M | 

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