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Sartorial Era

Changing Of The
Seasons & Our Wardrobes

With the scent of freshly cut grass coming through the window from the park next to our home, I’m sat here feeding baby Francesca feeling all kinds of hope and happiness. Spring wasn’t always a season I desperately looked forward to (usually favouring Autumn) but this year is different. Not only do I have a new baby but there’s also the prospect of not being in lockdown any more (wahoo!).

People have been asking me how I’ve been during lockdown (whilst pregnant) and truth is, whilst it’s been nice to stay indoors, it definitely got a bit depressing at times. The one thing that really cheered me up are great clothes in bright colours! So that’s why I cannot wait to start heading out in some new Spring clothes because somehow bright colours in Winter just didn’t have the same effect… So today I’m so excited to share what I’ve got my eye on for Spring.

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Intro & edited by Lauren Silvester, curated by Lauren Silvester and Charlotte Hope Shannon

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