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Sartorial Era

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi people of my blog!
Like a lot of my favourite bloggers ( and I admit I’ve found it difficult to get going this side of Jan. It’s as though my life admin list is longer than my arm (by the way, I have long ‘go-go-gadget’ arms). However, the other day I found myself actively carving out time (well I can’t carve chunks of cheesecake during Veganuary…) to sit down and look for inspiration for the new year.
For those who follow me over on Instagram (shameless plug) you’ll have noticed that I’m loving neutral tones right now. My wardrobe has definitely shifted more towards camel, sand, stone and beige. All the while, my makeup is facing (excuse the pun) more towards browns and seasonal tones. My vibe for 2020 is definitely darker, sexier and more farmhouse (when it comes to interiors – not fashion obviously).
So if you don’t have time to sit around making mood boards, don’t worry. I’ve done it for you (it’s my ‘job’ remember). See, I don’t just sit around and ‘fanny about with the press releases’ (*searches Netflix for Bridget Jones immediately*)! Plus if you’re as brassic (I’ve lived in London for over ten years that means I’m allowed to use cockney rhyming slang, right?) as I am this month then you too can sit back and just enjoy the inspo.
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