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Sartorial Era

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that buying designer makes me feel amazing. Ok sure I know that’s totally materialistic. Fair enough there are things that don’t need to cost the earth to make you happy too. But investing in something so gorgeous and timeless really gets me going. Now that I have a daughter I see it more as an investment. Something she can one day treasure and appreciate as much as I do.

Black belts are great investments, providing that they’re carefully looked after. I’ve said before that I invested in a Gucci canvas belt but then lost weight so I can’t really wear it anymore. In addition I bought a Gucci brown leather belt a few weeks after having Mia but got a belt so big that I can almost wrap it around my waist twice now. If your weight fluctuates it’s worth bearing in mind what size will last you the duration. Are you prepared to cut extra holes in or will you sell it on?

Now that my size has returned to it’s usual state, I ended up getting a size M in this Saint Laurent Suede Belt. I wrote before about a different Saint Laurent Buckle belt (post here) and emphasised how versatile they are. I wear this with dresses (all lengths), over jumpers and even blazers.

Saint Laurent Belt Studded Suede Belt


other designer updates costing less than £500:

Words & Styling by Lauren Silvester

Photography by Zoe Griffin


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